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The kitchen and bath are the two most used rooms in the house and a makeover can increase their efficiancy as well as increase the value of your home.

A remodeled bathroom can add warmth and luxury to your home. It can also save you money. New water and energy efficient showers and commodes can reduce your monthly operating expenses while adding value and comfort. 

There are a number of ways one can consider a bathroom makeover. Whether it's a luxurious new bathroom or remodeling a half bath, we help you realize the project you want at the price you can afford. 

The kitchen is the heart of any home. We can help you maximize the available space or even find some that you didn't think possible. JP Carpentry has the experience and know-how to expand counter space, move appliances in order to make food preparation easier on your feet, and replace that old vinyl floor with no wax easy clean ceramic tile. Need new cabinets? We can help you pick ones that suit your needs.

We custom build to give you the comfort you've always wanted and at a price to fit your home, budget, and lifestyle. Give us a call at 330.459.7104 to make an appointment for a free estimate.

I will sit down to help you pick the vanity, lighting, tiling, appliances and design that will bring you from the first meeting to the completed job.  

There is no better time to improve your home. 

-- Jerry P

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The client in this kitchen rebuild wanted the soffits removed in order to replace all the cabinets with larger, darker and more spacious ones. We also replaced the floor as well as the backsplash in order to match the new cabinets. The window was replaced with a larger one in order to let more light into their new kitchen. We also replaced the exhaust with a new microwave exhaust style hood. The top image in both photos is the previous kitchen.
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Removed the soffits and replaced all the cabinets with larger, darker and more spacious ones.
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Replaced the floor as well as the backsplash. Replaced the window with a larger one.
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Replaced the cabinets and counter top with backsplash.
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Overview of new dining room. Replace the window in the upper image with a door leading to the patio.
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Messy pantry with disorganized shelves.
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We replaced it with a more spacious and organized one. The shelves in this case roll out in order to reveal its contents.
The counter was broken up with a poorly positioned sink and drop in range. There was little room for food prep.
Kitchen Before
The sink was moved and is now under the window extending the counter space. The drop in range was removed which now created a long counter for food prep.
Old Kitchen View
In order to increase the length of the countertop a peninsula was created that would house a new gas range.
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The addition of a peninsula in a small kitchen can increase the space needed for food prep. The sofit was removed and cabinets were added above and below the counter.
After 2

An Open Kitchen Rebuild

Clean lines, bright, and open space. Notice the ease with which one can go from refrigerator to the food prep area.
Kitchen view
This view of the same kitchen shows the ease that one can serve the food into the dining area. Simple, clean, and functional.
New Kitchen

Shower Installations

Tiled Shower

Luxery Tiled Shower

Insert Shower

Drop-in Surround

A Deck and a Large Fence

We can also build ramps to accommodate wheelchairs